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The “Me” Project

Hello, and welcome to my very first blog. (Okay, this is not necessarily my first blog, but humor me- it’s my first blog here, anyway)

I joined Twitter recently, and found more writers there than I ever imagined existed- this was both terribly exciting and sort of a bummer for me, as I quickly realized how far behind the curve I am. I don’t review books. I don’t have an agent (yet, man, yet.). I don’t even have a blog, for heaven’s sake. Except that now, I do.

I have been trying to figure out what I should blog about. I wanted it to be something I could really commit to, something that held my interest, something that could hold the interest of someone reading…and I wanted it to be relevant to me, what was going on in my life.

Yesterday, it hit me- I should write about this little slump I am in, this sort of early onset mid-life crisis I am teetering on the brink of. You see, I am 36. I have a daughter who is fourteen and a daughter who is fourteen months. The fourteen year old makes me feel like something that just crawled out from under a rock, and the fourteen month old kind of made me look that way. I am at a stage in my life where, should I pass by a mirror naked and catch sight of myself, I stop and stare. Not because I look so fabulous that I have no choice, but because I can’t understand how the hell that could be ME. I mean, what happened?

Here’s what happened: I had a baby at 35. I have exercised a total of 27 times in my entire life (not counting sex, which, as we all know, he does most of the work anyway.Unless you are a lesbian, and then, quite frankly, I don’t really know how that works-it’s probably more fun, though.) I still smoke. I survive on a diet that would kill most teenagers. I have been known to have partied a little in my lifetime…hee-hee…my friends will appreciate that this is a slight understatement. Aside from all that, I haven’t updated my style ever- I am still doing to myself the same stuff I did in high school, and it’s time to make some changes.

So, I thought I would start a little project on myself and write about it here. Maybe it will suck and no one will care, but I still think it would be fun to track my progress and try out some new things. As I go along, I will, hopefully, entertain you with humorous stories about what is and isn’t cool, helpful, worth all the hype.

If nothing else, at least I’ll finally have a good excuse to get a bikini wax.