Quick Update

So, I am a far more frequent yeller than I had ever suspected! Try as I might, I have yelled on at least five occasions since the beginning of this little endeavor. I am acutely aware of it now, though, so it should get easier.

My touchiest points seem to be while I am sleeping ( I kicked both the boyfriend and the baby out of “my” bed last night, as the baby seems to think it is loads of fun to head butt me while I snooze- NOT COOL. They were sent on their way with a few choice words) and in the mornings when I have very little control of my temper OR time. Both seem to get away from me with frightening ease.

So, I’m just checking in, letting you know where I am at. I know you are just sitting at your computer, waiting for me to write this, right? So here it is. You can go on with your day now. 🙂


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