I almost forgot about the five day photo challenge….

As I write this (the first post ever from my phone) there is a sleeping child with a swollen, mosquito bitten eye laying next to me. She is clean & sweet smelling, and totally zonked out on Benadryl. Sponge Bob is chattering away on TV.

After work today, I made plans to meet up with a friend of mine at the beach. To my great surprise, both my kids wanted to go along. It is so rare to get to be with both of them at once, and that’s a shame, because there is nothing more gratifying for me. 

It was a stunning day. Sunny, but not too hot, breezy, but just enough. The waves were Tiffany blue, Snow White, Sage green, Turquoise. Orange flowers bloomed between the rocks along the cliff. We didn’t walk more than a mile, but it was enough.

I made dinner tonight, and sat with my babies to eat. Our family-little, but perfect. Between those two, the whole of my heart. 

I don’t have everything I have ever wanted…but it’s certainly a good feeling, going to bed so content…feeling that I have perfectly enough. Sweet dreams.  


One thought on “Sweet

  1. Sometimes, Enough is all you need. The best part is being conscious enough to know when you are in the middle of your own Bliss. Love you, Court ~~~ xoxox

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