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Bad Dreams in a Cold House

photo courtesy of not an actual photo of me.


I’m sitting here at my desk this morning, bundled up as if I were about to venture out into a hip-high snow drift (is that even a thing, a hip-high snow drift? I live in coastal California, I don’t know if that was right.) Anyway, you get the picture. Beanie, hoodie, jacket, leggings, fuzzy socks and Ugg boots. So where am I going, you wonder? Abso-freaking-lutely nowhere, that’s where I’m going. My thermostat is pushed over to 80, but the temperature in here won’t move even to 60, and the floors feel like ice. Sigh. It’s just an old house, with no insulation, single pane windows, and mysterious breezes blowing in all over the place.

Lucky for me, we get maybe a month of really cold nights a year- that’s what I keep telling myself anyway. To be honest, I can’t ever remember stuff like that, but it’s got to be in that general amount of time. And I know, I know- this is the girl that wants to move to the east coast, she can’t even handle a morning where the outside temp is 39 degrees (it is, I just checked). Well, again- this is California. I am never expecting to be this cold. Especially INSIDE my own house. There are certain things I feel I deserve in life, in return for working diligently and paying all my bills on time. One of them is not to freeze to death indoors. I don’t think that’s asking too too much. If and when I do move to the east coast, you can bet your ass I’m going to ask about insulation, dual pane windows, if the heater works, how drafty the house is, and whether or not the fireplace works. Oh, and maybe get someone to show me how to use a fireplace. That would be a good skill to have.

Anyway, I’m not sure if it was the cold house that caused my entire-night long bad dream last night or what, but it was really, really bad. It wasn’t a nightmare as in “monsters chasing me and my legs won’t run”, it was more typical of my normal sad, stressful, awful dreams. I get those fairly often. The main difference in this one was a.) the subject, and b.) the sheer scope of it. It was about my mom, and I don’t even want to say out loud exactly what it was, but it was terrible. I will be calling her as soon as it is a decent hour, rest assured. This dream was so long. I even woke up for like 20 minutes to escape it, and when I went back to sleep, it kept freaking going. I couldn’t stop it.

You know, it also might be the nicotine patch. I didn’t think about that. They always give me really vivid, crazy dreams. I bet that’s what it was. I could choose not to sleep with it on, but then I wake up in full nic withdrawal, and no one wants to see that. I haven’t smoked since the New Year started, not that it’s even a big deal when I quit anymore- it’s not even a big deal to me. The main difference is, this time the ONLY nicotine I am getting is from the patch. No other avenues. I had to give up chewing, too. Just kidding! I have never used chewing tobacco. Hahaha! I was vaping with a low nicotine vape but I feel like it’s just as bad as smoking, so. No more.

Before I go, I want to mention this- yesterday was my best day ever for views. EVER, in six years of blogging! I have had so many new followers this week, and I have been trying to engage more and be a faithful reader. I just want to say thanks to everyone who stops by. Trust me, I will slow down soon and post a more reasonable amount. This is just the frenetic energy of the fresh, sparkly new year leaving through my fingertips. I especially want to thank Paul at Captains Speech for his New Years Day post that kinda got the ball rolling for me. Thanks, man! (I did it, I did it! I posted a link!)

Have the best weekend EVER! And try to stay warm. Unlike me.


I'm a single mom living life fully after years of intense addiction, trying to navigate life with grace-and failing spectacularly, sometimes. Learning to be a grown up In my 40's, without losing my lust for life, or my faith in humanity. Come, watch the antics. It should be fun (for you, at least).

18 thoughts on “Bad Dreams in a Cold House

  1. Good post. I used a nicotine patch years ago and could not sleep at all with it on, so that could be your problem.

    Congrats on the new followers:)

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      1. The dreams didn’t bother me much but the inability to sleep other than dozing did. Good news is, as soon as I took the patch off at night, I was immediately able to sleep again.

        Problem there is remembering to put a new patch on in the morning before cravings kick in.

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  2. What you describe sounds a lot like how it’s been here the past couple of weeks. On vacation this week and I get up earlier than everyone else. I don’t want to put the heating on because it’s noisy, so sit at my laptop wrapped up – temperature hovering around 60. I can relate! But I never imagined it would be like that all the way down in California! I thought that was balmy all year round. Just goes to show what I know, huh?

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  3. Lol!!!! I was like oh no she was running from a killer in the forest and.. she trips and falls. SO CLICHHEEEE don’t ever FALL dude!!!! Lol!!!! I’m sorry you had an awful dream, but sometimes- they say those bad dreams are interpreted as that person living a longer life than expected, so it could be a good thing for mom! Still, those aren’t easy especially when you wake up and then think it’s over but NOPE. Wtf?! Lol. We forget the ones we wish we could remember and not the ones we want to forget. Ugh. Anyways. About that cold. OH MY GOD. I would die. I live in a blanket burrito 24/7 and I live in MIAMI FLORIDA so I would just very legitimately like DIE. I hope you find a way to stay warm girl!!!

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    1. Now it’s a million degrees in here, and my eyes are swollen after talking to my mom & sobbing out my dream to her. I’m a fucking mess. 😂😂😂 I mean, more than usual. & that is really saying something.

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      1. Lol!!! Awww. Well it’s all out of
        Your system at least you have cleansed yo soul!! What would we BE if chicks like us weren’t hot fucking messes anyways like we are who we are because of our fuckeries! Cheers! Lol

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  4. It is 58 degrees this morning in Florida. That will make for a chilly walk with the pug. Most likely, few Floridians in our area will be up walking and will stay in until the air warms up and then the day begins.
    Because I follow the keto diet, sometimes I am very restless at night and wake up often. I am improving though and getting used to it. I have been on the diet since July but I feel my body is fighting the changes.

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