Court’s B-L-O-G

I didn’t realize I hadn’t done this! Ok, so…Hi! My name is Courtney- this started off as a blog about me making myself over because I was feeling a little bit (dare I say it?) MIDDLE AGED all of the sudden. It comes and goes…anyway, what actually ended up happening is that I started writing about all kinds of crazy stuff. Sometimes it’s funny, sometimes it’s sad, sometimes it’s awful. But it’s always true, that much I promise. I hope you read it, I hope you enjoy it, I hope you keep coming back again and again and leave comments about how much you love me. Seriously. Or not. Thanks for checking me out!

12 thoughts on “Court’s B-L-O-G

      1. You’re welcome! There are questions for you towards the end of the post, after the ones I answered. It says “my questions for the nominees”

        And you are totally welcome. Thank you for being you!

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