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A Spider Story (Just in time for Halloween)

This is one of the not so little spiders from my yard
This is one of the not so little spiders from my yard

The house I live in is over 100 years old. It is certainly FAR from fancy, and actually, it leans more to the side of “dilapidated”, but I have lived here for nearly three years now, and it is in a GREAT neighborhood, it’s (comparatively speaking) affordable, and I have gotten used to it. By “used to it”, I mean, I have grown accustomed to the ongoing battle between myself and mother nature, who seems to want to reclaim the house. I don’t pretend to think that I will ever really win. The best I can hope for is to keep an uneasy truce until I finally surrender.

There was the time when grass started growing on the top of a door frame in the living room. There was the slug infestation in the bathroom. There was the brave little mouse that had the nerve to dart right under my desk WHILE I WAS SITTING AT IT, because I had dropped some sunflower seeds there, and apparently, that is just like a personal invitation to a mouse. And then, of course, there are the spiders.

This is an actual spider in my kitchen.
This is an actual spider in my kitchen.

There are spiders of every type imaginable in this house. I have seen them in every room of the house, even once in my daughters underwear drawer. Most of the time, they are small and not very alarming, but then there are a few older, more mature spiders that look a little more threatening. Like the one that lives on the bathroom ceiling- it hangs out right above my head in the shower, and it never, ever moves. Unless you spray it with water, thinking it is dead, while you are standing right underneath it. Then, it moves A LOT. There are also two big ones that live in the dining area, but they hang out in crevices, mostly, and they don’t bother me. I used to kill them, but at some point, I started to get all weird and feel bad about it, and the good news is, we NEVER have mosquito’s. Of course, almost no one does around here, because this isn’t a very mosquito friendly area, but I can’t think of any other bright side, so that will have to work.

So, it stands to reason that if there are a lot of spiders in the house, the outside would be even more of a problem, right? Right. And knowing this, would you ever, in a million years, leave your car windows down overnight? No? Well, I would. Because I would never, not in a million years, think that spiders would choose to infest a car. Well, I was wrong about that. The other day, I was going somewhere, and in the space of like two minutes, I found not one, but TWO spiders in my car. One was hanging down by his spider thread just to the left of my face, and I quickly grabbed the thread and flung him out the window. The other one got away. They were very small, but still- a car should be a spider free zone, don’t you agree? Like, a car is not where you expect to have to deal with spiders. It should be an oasis of calm in a big sea of spiders. But yesterday, as I was driving to my daughter’s school for a meeting, I had something happen that even tested my spider tolerating limits. As I looked in the rear view mirror to check my face, a spider darted across my bottom lash line, towards the inner edge of my eye. That really happened. That spider is now incredibly dead, but there may still be traces of his DNA on my face, because I really did not want that spider to lay eggs in my eye. So I squished him. On my face.

Yesterday, my older daughter and I were sitting in the yard talking, and she looked at this weird tree back there- I don’t know what kind of tree it is, but it grows at the speed of light, and it has pretty purple flowers, and it seems to be the home of many, many spiders. “I really love this tree” Aisley said, “but I feel like it is probably infested with spiders.”

This is me making out with my dog- in the background, you can see the spider tree.
This is me making out with my dog- in the background, you can see the spider tree.

“Oh, it totally is.” I agreed, and we studied it for a minute, the way, when you look hard enough, you can see the weird, grubby webs wrapped around almost every bit of green on the tree. When you sit out there at night with the porch light on, you can watch the little translucent spiders dropping down, one by one.

“Just think,” I said, “If the spiders all got together and decided to take over, there would be nothing we could do. If they all decided they wanted to rush us, we’d be dead. They could crawl up our noses, and in our ears.”

“Oh my God, ” Aisley chimed in, ” And we couldn’t lock them out of the house- they are too small. The could totally murder us.”

We sat there for a moment, pondering this. I think when you start to worry about a spider rebellion, it may be time to call for help. But I’ll wait until next week- the spider’s totally decorated for me, for free.

Happy Halloween!

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Do You Believe in Ghosts?


So, the seasons are changing, the nights are getting colder, perhaps fires are being lit in your living room (or if you are super lucky, your bedroom) hearths. Your front step may show evidence of the fast approaching Halloween, little pumpkins waiting to be carved into smiles and grimaces. I even have a scarecrow this year! What better time, then, to bring up a subject that almost everyone loves to chime in on- GHOSTS! If you don’t have a story of your own, you definitely have heard plenty over the years, right?

My question to you is, do you believe in ghosts? Like, REALLY believe in them? My sincere hope is that everyone reading this will share their stories in the comments below, or on my Facebook page, because, on top of the fact that I LOVE to tell my own personal ghost story, I SO love hearing other people’s personal encounters with the paranormal. Now, I am going to tell you mine, and it is 100% true! If you don’t believe me, you can totally ask my mother, as she was there and lived through it, too. Some of her memories will be different than mine- this all started when I was eight years old- but I can promise you that it was an experience neither of us will ever forget.
So, when I was 8, my mother was pregnant with my brother, and we moved into a bigger house, a pretty nondescript, standard, home at 530 W. Dayton, in Fresno. It was a hideous mustard color, at least when we got there, but it had a huge backyard. Anyway, within our first few days there, the first thing happened, and it is the one that I am the most confident of all of. I was laying on my twin bed in my little room, and my mom and grandma had just walked out a few moments before. I was reading (of course), when suddenly, the top drawer of my dresser, right next to the bed, just slid open, all the way. Quickly, as if someone had yanked it, hard. I remember being SO terrified that I couldn’t scream- I opened my mouth to yell for my mom, and nothing came out. By the time I could make a sound, I felt quite wild and deranged. The women came running back in, and I told them what had happened, but I could tell they didn’t believe me.
Pretty soon, though, my mom and my step dad, and eventually, even my little brother, were quite aware that we were not living in that house alone. There was tons of regular poltergeist activity, ranging from footsteps in the hall, to glasses and dishes rattling in the cupboard, to entire boxes of cereal flying across the room. No Shit. The rocking chair would rock with no one in it, and no breeze to explain it, things would disappear and then show up in impossible places.
If that had been all of it, I think it would have been bearable. But it seemed to escalate, and the atmosphere in that house became truly unbearable. I don’t know how to explain it to you- if you have ever lived in a house with an unhappy spirit, you will know exactly what I mean…I was eleven, and I couldn’t be alone in that house. I would walk home from school, unlock the front door, and try to sit on the couch to watch TV. Most of the time, the feeling in that place was so oppressive, so terrifying, that I would wind up sitting on the front step until my parents got home. I couldn’t even be in there. You were never alone, and whatever lived there, unseen, did not want me there.
My mother was up late one night, and she heard my brother walking ( he was a toddler, then) down the hall towards her room. She was reading, and she didn’t look up until the footsteps stopped at the foot of her bed, and a strange voice said “Mama!”. Then, her head snapped up, and no one was there. My brother was asleep in his bed. Eventually, he refused to go into his room at night, screaming in terror, and pointing into the corners, hysterical. I will let my mom finish that story, though, because I don’t really remember it well.
We later learned, from our amazing neighbors, Jack and Hazel, who had lived there since the beginning of time, that a small child had died of Leukemia or something in our very house. So that explains the little footsteps we heard often, and the voice in my mom’s room. But I have always felt like there was something much older and more negative in that place than any lost little child’s soul could ever be. I will probably never know the whole story, since we moved many years ago…but I have always wondered if the people who lived there after us had any similar experiences.
I have had other things happen in my life, but that one was definitely the longest…and for sure, the scariest. So, How about you? Do you believe in Ghosts? And if so, why? Tell me your story! I am so excited, I can’t wait!
Happy Almost Halloween!